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Best Webcomics Recommended in 2022

Recently I decided to run a poll on our Discord to see what was the best Recommendation that I gave during 2022 on my YouTube channel.

And here are the results in order


#1: SSS Suicide Hunter



#2: Omniscient Reader


#3: Her Summon


#4: Eleceed


#4: Player


#5: Ember Knight, Barbarian Quest, Second Coming Of Gluttony

All ranked for the #5 spot

Ember Knight
Barbarian Quest
The Second Coming Of Gluttony

#6: Feng Shen Ji


#7: Godslap, Epic Off Gilgamesh

Both ranked for #7


#8: Fast Forward


Thank you everyone for the support throughout 2022 on my YouTube Channel

And I Hope We'll grow this community even larger!

Looking forward to 2023!

Happy New Year.

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