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Solo Leveling Manhwa Gets A New Sequel

If you're a fan of the Solo Leveling Manhwa, the hit webtoon series hailing from South Korea, then you might have already been informed of its novel continuation, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok. But, what is this sequel about and why is it a must-read? Here, we will provide a concise overview of the fresh series and its central figure, Sung Suho.

Solo Leveling Raganarok

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok serves as a direct continuation of the original Solo Leveling narrative that culminated in the year 2021. The original series had followed Sung Jinwoo, a lowly-ranked hunter who had attained an unprecedented level of power after surviving a gruelling dungeon. He rose to become the mightiest hunter on Earth, having faced many adversaries and obstacles both on the planet and beyond its realm.

As Solo Leveling: Ragnarok takes off from where the first series had ended, Sung Jinwoo is engaged in combating crime, while his son, Sung Suho, attends school. Sung Suho is the protagonist of this fresh series, and he has inherited his father's power, which is currently sealed because of its dangers. However, the situation changes dramatically as he uncovers more details about his abilities and his father's legacy.

Sung Suho, being an adventurous and curious young man, is eager to discover more about his father and his powers. He is also a highly skilled hunter who can control shadow soldiers, similar to his father.

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok is an enthralling and adrenaline-pumping webtoon that will surely captivate die-hard fans of the previous series, as well as newcomers. As of now, it has over 100 chapters available on KakaoPage, a Korean webtoon platform, and is updated regularly. While it is yet to receive an official translation into other languages, many fans are hoping for an international release soon.

If you are searching for a webtoon that promises to keep you glued to your seat with its stunning artwork, captivating storyline, and endearing characters, then Solo Leveling: Ragnarok is undoubtedly the one for you.

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