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Top Manhwa / Webtoon That aren't Being Talked About Enough.

The House Without Time

The House Without Time is a webtoon that blends fantasy and action genres. It was created by Hego and began serialization in 2020.

The House Without Time Manhwa

The story follows Liebe, a young girl who was enslaved and abused by a cruel master in a fantasy world. She tries to escape with another slave by setting the house on fire, but her plan goes wrong and her friend is killed. Liebe runs for her life through the forest, pursued by her master, until she reaches a cliff. There, she sees a mysterious white door floating in the air, with nothing behind it. She knocks on the door, hoping for a way out, and an old man answers. He invites her into a white void, where her adventure begins.

This Manhwa is very engaging and has a lot of unique characters with few clichés. It is a refreshing change from the typical manhwa that feature systems, gates or dungeons.


Aire is a manhwa written by Seoli. It is an Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen Manhwa that was released in 2020 and is still ongoing. The story follows the annual selection ceremony of a candidate for travel called Aire. On this journey, the elect goes in search of the long-lost treasure of Queen Aire, after whom the ceremony was named. According to legends, this treasure will help unite the continent, which has long been mired in quarrels and strife.

Aire Manhwa

This Manhwa tells the story of Vera, a northern child who became the king of gladiators. Vera is a slave of the kingdom, forced to fight other slaves for the king’s amusement. The king often sentences the losers to death. One day, Princess Elda comes to watch the gladiator matches and takes a liking to Vera. She visits him in the slave camp with her brother, the prince. Vera hates the kingdom and insults them both. The prince tries to kill Vera, but Vera welcomes death. Elda stops her brother and pleads for Vera’s life. The prince decides to spare Vera if he apologizes, and tortures his friends to make him do so. Vera reluctantly bows down and begs for mercy. Elda feels a strange sensation for the first time: she enjoys seeing him humiliated.

I Used to Be a Boss

I Used to Be a Boss Manhwa

I Used to Be a Boss is a manhwa about Baphomet, the boss of the Tower of Abyss, who waits for a strong hunter who is able to fight on equal grounds against him. When he had grown bored of the repetitive battles, he began to gain interest in the world of humanity due to the trophies he had obtained from the dead hunters.

Baphomet is then reborn as a human by a miracle after becoming envious of the hunters who are always trying to kill him. In his newfound form, Baphomet is free to seek new forms of entertainment in the outside world, but he also faces new challenges and dangers as he tries to adapt to his human life. Along the way, he meets various characters who help him or hinder him in his quest to become stronger and more human. The manhwa is a mix of action, fantasy, mystery and comedy.

Dungeon Odyssey

Dungeon Odyssey Manhwa

Dungeon Odyssey is a Manhwa that is serialized on KakaoPage. It is an action-fantasy story about the descendants of mankind who were born in the labyrinth and raised on the milk of monsters.

They have special strength and strong bodies, and are called dungeon babies by the people on earth. The protagonist, Kim Jinwoo, was born in the deepest labyrinth and survived in the harshest environment.

A scout joins a dungeon raid to make money for his sister’s wedding. But the raiders are careless and die, leaving only him and a girl, his client, which is unconscious. They escape but fall into another dungeon that names him its new lord.

The manhwa follows his journey as he develops his dungeon and challenges other dungeons. It’s a kingdom-building story, but with dungeons.

Ranker (2022)

Ranker Manhwa

Ranker is a Manhwa that was released in 2022 and is still ongoing. It’s about an online membership game run in secrecy called Ranker. Kang Junseo coincidentally jumped into Ranker and started to see his opponents as monsters. With his player Jeongjun’s voice, he finds his calm again. However, Ranker is not only a quest where your life is at stake, it is filled with characters battling each other and the constant threat of being hunted.

The Manhwa depicts a ruthless game where the wealthy control ordinary people as their pawns in a real-life battle royale. The ultimate prize for the victor is a fortune and influence beyond measure.

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