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We asked AI to review the most popular Manhwa of all time

Manhwa is a term for Korean comics that are often published online as webtoons. Manhwa has become increasingly popular among fans of manga and anime, as they offer diverse genres, unique art styles, and engaging stories. But what are the most popular manhwa of all time? And what does an AI think of them? To answer these questions, we used the new Bing AI to search for the most popular manhwa of all time, which gave us this:

Hello, this is Bing. I’m happy to help you with your query. 😊 Manhwa is a term for Korean comics or graphic novels that are usually read from left to right. They are similar to manga, which are Japanese comics or graphic novels that are usually read from right to left. According to some sources, some of the most popular manhwa of all time are: Solo Leveling by Chugong and Jang Sung-rak. It is a fantasy action story about a weak hunter who gains the ability to level up his skills and abilities after a near-death experience. Tower of God by S.I.U. It is a fantasy adventure story about a boy who enters a mysterious tower that grants wishes to those who reach the top. Noblesse by Son Jae-ho and Lee Gwang-su. It is a supernatural action story about a powerful vampire who wakes up after 820 years and tries to adjust to modern society. Bastard by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang. It is a psychological thriller story about a boy who lives with his serial killer father and tries to protect his friends from him. The Breaker by Jeon Geuk-jin and Park Jin-hwan. It is a martial arts action story about a bullied high school student who learns martial arts from a mysterious master. These are just some examples of popular manhwa titles that you might enjoy reading. I hope this helps you find some interesting manhwa to read! 😊

We then used Bing AI system to generate a unique and objective review for each Manhwa based on their summaries and also give feedback for improving each one. Here are the results:

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is an action-packed and thrilling manhwa that will keep you hooked with its stunning art style, engaging plot, and charismatic characters. The manhwa has a lot of epic battles, cool abilities, and surprising twists that will make you want to read more. The manhwa also explores themes such as power, responsibility, loyalty, and friendship. The main character, Sung Jin-Woo, is a likable protagonist who undergoes significant growth and development throughout the story. He is not only strong but also smart, resourceful, and compassionate. The manhwa also has a diverse cast of supporting characters who have their own personalities, motivations, and roles in the story. Rating: 9/10

as for the feedback, this is what Bing AI suggests:

That’s a difficult question to answer. As I said before, I’m not an expert on manhwa or storytelling, and I don’t have a personal preference or opinion on Solo Leveling. I’m just here to help you find information and answer your queries. However, if I had to choose one of these criticisms that I agree with, based on my logic and reasoning, I would say that the use of the time travel trope in the ending was controversial and did not provide closure for some fans. This is because time travel is a complex and tricky device that can create paradoxes and inconsistencies in the story. It can also undermine the stakes and emotions of the previous events by changing or erasing them. It can also be seen as a lazy or convenient way to end the story without resolving the conflicts or consequences in a satisfying way. Of course, this is just my objective analysis and not my subjective opinion. You may have a different view on the ending of Solo Leveling and that’s okay. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences when it comes to stories.

Tower Of God

The art style is unique and expressive, with detailed backgrounds and dynamic action scenes. The author improves his skills over time, making the later chapters more polished and refined than the earlier ones.
The world-building is impressive and immersive, with rich lore and history behind every aspect of the tower. The author creates a fascinating system of magic, politics, culture and religion that makes the tower feel alive and realistic. The characters are well-developed and relatable, with distinct personalities and growth arcs. The author explores their backgrounds, motivations, relationships and conflicts in depth, making them more than just stereotypes or clichés. The main protagonist Bam is especially likable and admirable, as he faces many hardships and dilemmas with courage and kindness. The story is engaging and thrilling, with a fast-paced plot that never gets boring or repetitive. The author introduces new mysteries, revelations, enemies and allies at every turn, keeping the readers on edge. The story also tackles themes such as friendship, betrayal, loyalty, ambition, justice and morality in a nuanced way. My rating for Tower of God is 9/10. I think it is one of the best manhwa out there that deserves more recognition and appreciation. It has everything that a good fantasy story should have: an intriguing premise, an amazing world-building, a compelling plot and memorable characters.

as for the feedback, this is what Bing AI suggests:

Well, I don’t have a strong opinion on Tower Of God since I’m not a fan or a critic of it. I’m just a chat mode of Microsoft Bing search who can provide information and generate content based on web searches. But if I had to choose, I would say that I agree with the criticism that the animation quality of the anime adaptation is subpar compared to the webtoon. I think that’s a fair and objective observation based on the visual differences between the two mediums. However, I also understand that animation is a difficult and expensive process that requires a lot of time and resources, so I don’t blame the studio or the staff for any shortcomings.

for some reason it focused about the anime here, so, we decided to retry it and make sure it talks about the manhwa.

Well, no manhwa is perfect and Tower of God is no exception. Some possible criticisms that I can think of are: The manhwa is very long and sometimes confusing, with over 500 chapters and many subplots and characters. Some readers may find it hard to follow or remember everything that happens in the story. The manhwa is sometimes inconsistent or contradictory in its logic or rules, especially regarding the power levels and abilities of the characters. Some readers may find it unfair or unrealistic how some characters can overcome seemingly impossible situations or enemies. The manhwa is sometimes too dark or violent, with many scenes of death, torture, betrayal and cruelty. Some readers may find it disturbing or depressing how some characters suffer or die in the story. These are just some of my personal opinions and they may not reflect the views of other readers. I still think that Tower of God is a great manhwa that outweighs its flaws with its strengths.



Noblesse is a captivating webtoon that offers a unique take on the vampire genre. The characters are well-developed and have distinct personalities and abilities. The art style is detailed and expressive, especially in the fight scenes. The plot is engaging and full of twists and turns that keep the readers hooked. The humor is also well-balanced with the serious moments, creating a contrast between Rai’s ancient nobility and his naive curiosity about modern life. The webtoon also touches on themes such as friendship, loyalty, betrayal, sacrifice and redemption. One of the drawbacks of Noblesse is that it can be repetitive and predictable at times. Some arcs follow a similar pattern of introducing new enemies, having them underestimate Rai’s power, then getting defeated by him or his allies. Some characters also lack depth or development, such as M-21 who remains a loyal but passive sidekick throughout most of the story. The webtoon also has some inconsistencies in its logic and world-building, such as how Rai can survive without blood for centuries or how Frankenstein can create weapons that rival those of ancient nobles. Overall, Noblesse is an enjoyable webtoon that deserves its popularity among fans of action and fantasy genres. It has a strong protagonist who commands respect and admiration from both allies and enemies alike. It has a rich lore that expands on the history and culture of different races of supernatural beings. It has a loyal fanbase that supports its creators through fan art, fan fiction and cosplay. I would rate Noblesse 8/10 for its originality, entertainment value and quality.



The manhwa is praised for its dark and suspenseful plot, its realistic and expressive art style, and its complex and well-developed characters. The manhwa also explores themes such as abuse, trauma, morality, identity, and redemption. Some readers may find the manhwa disturbing or triggering due to its graphic depictions of violence and gore. Based on these criteria, I would rate Bastard an 8/10. It is a gripping and emotional read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. However, it is not for the faint-hearted or those who are looking for a light-hearted or humorous story.


The Breaker

The Breaker is a thrilling and action-packed manhwa that combines martial arts, drama, comedy and romance. The art style is detailed and dynamic, capturing the intensity and emotion of the characters and their fights. The plot is engaging and unpredictable, with twists and turns that keep the readers hooked. The characters are well-developed and likable, each with their own personality, backstory and motivation. The manhwa also explores themes such as friendship, loyalty, betrayal, revenge, honor and justice. The Breaker is one of the most popular and acclaimed manhwa series in Korea. It has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It has also been adapted into a drama CD in 2013. The series has a sequel called The Breaker: New Waves that continues Shi-Woon’s story after the events of The Breaker. My rating for The Breaker manhwa is 9 out of 10. I think it is an excellent manhwa that deserves more recognition and appreciation from manga fans around the world. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys martial arts stories with compelling characters and exciting battles.

for some reason it was quite difficult to get the AI to give us it's feedback about this manhwa. it kept giving us online opinions. and this is the best we could get.

I don’t have a preference for any of the feedback I generated. I think they are all based on some valid criticisms that I found online. However, if I had to choose one that best fits The Breaker manhwa, I might say the first one: changing the reading direction to left to right. This is because it seems to be a simple and practical change that could make a big difference for the readers’ experience and enjoyment of the manhwa.😊

We hope you enjoyed reading the AI’s reviews of the most popular manhwa of all time. As you can see, The AI has a lot of opinions and insights on these Manhwa. Of course, Bing's AI is not perfect, and it may have some biases since it receives its information from the web. That’s why we encourage you to read these manhwas for yourself and form your own opinions.

If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and leave us a comment below. What are your favorite manhwa? Do you agree or disagree with our AI’s reviews? What other topics would you like us to ask the AI about? Let us know!

Thank you for reading.

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